A friend of mine ordered from this website and when I saw his watch I really wanted to have one that would look as good as the one he bought. Fortunately, I found this website and ordered right away because I liked the pictures. The whole process took a lot and I was extremely dissatisfied with the customer service, especially since I knew that my friend was very satisfied with it. I didn’t like the fact that the people there seemed to do things really slow and they also sent the package kind of late.

But fortunately, when I received the package I was very happy with the end result, the watch was absolutely magnificent. I ordered a beautiful Rolex Explorer II with a beautiful white dial and a nice silver tone bracelet that fits perfectly with my elegant clothes. I wanted something that I could wear at the office but also take with me during a casual dinner and it would look great overall. This is definitely the perfect watch and I loved the way it was completely the same as the original, at least the way the original looks in the pictures. I really liked the smooth finish this watch has and the fact that it is not really that big as I thought it was and fits perfectly on my wrist. I don’t have a big wrist, or a very small one, but it seems that I chose well when I went for this particular model. I love the way it looks on my wrist and I often find myself admiring it during the day, I’ve become quite a narcissist since I bought this watch.

Replica Rolex Explorer Black 3

Replica Rolex Explorer Black 1

I also love the bracelet, it’s a very comfortable bracelet and it gives me enough room but it’s tight enough so that my watch doesn’t dangle on the wrist. When you look at the replica watch and compare it with the original watch, you can see that all details are crafted to perfection. You will also notice that the watch has a great design that complements any type of outfit really well, and this is probably the main reason why I chose to get it.

Replica Rolex Explorer Black 2

Replica Rolex Explorer Black 4

I liked the fact that the watch came in a box that looks just like the original box, that made it feel a lot more genuine and it showed the care and consideration of the manufacturers. I also want to mention that the watch, besides being sent in a box, it was very well wrapped so that any type of accident would have been avoided during shipping. Always make sure that you check out these aspects because you never know how they might handle your package and your precious watch might get ruined.

So, overall, this experience was definitely a good one and even if it had a few things that I wasn’t completely satisfied with, I liked the way the watch I ordered looked and I definitely would recommend it to anyone who can’t afford to buy the original.

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